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The tropical beauty of the island spreads through green fields

Kos Town

Kos town is the capital of the island. It combines historic monuments with a modern planning of broad streets bordered with trees, big squares, and houses with gardens. Throughout the town you will find an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers: fir, pine tree, cypress, eucalyptus, oak, jasmine, lilac, acacia and hibiscus. The combination of the stunning medieval architecture of the fortified city created on the islands by the Knights of Saint John, a Benedictine order founded in the 11th century, and the deep blue of the Aegean has also proved irresistible to Hollywood.  Besides golden, dazzling beaches there is much more that the Greek Island of Kos has to offer. Famous since antiquity and notably for being the birthplace of Hippocrates, the first medical doctor in the world, visitors flocked to Kos to worship at the temple of Apollo or to be treated at the Asklepieion and to take advantage of the natural therapeutic qualities of the thermal springs which are still in use even to this day, most noteworthy of the ancient visitors being Cleopatra of Egypt. It climaxed during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, being a crossroad between civilisations, between East and West, the meeting point for both culture and trade. Its public market was of great fame during the antiquity and still is thriving in our days. 

Take a stroll on the rock paved streets of the old town where you will find numerous tourist shops or maybe lie on the sandy beaches under the sun. When it gets dark, there is a rich variety of restaurants and taverns with Greek and international cuisine. At night there are a number of places to go to, depending how quiet or ... wild you want to spend you night: Greek bouzouki, dance bars, discos. The villages of Kos are accessed through the main road of the island. The nearer ones can be reached by bicycle while the farther ones by motorcycle or car.

The castle of the Knights of St John - The Plane tree of Hippocrates
The castle of the Knights of St John, built in C15, stands in front of the harbour with a narrow passage to the north. South of the castle, a bridge over the beautiful Avenue of Palms links the castle with the square where the plane tree of Hippocrates stands. Tradition says, that it was planted by Hippocrates and that he taught medicine in its shade.

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Don't Miss

The C15 Castle of the Knights of St John in Kos Town
An impressive castle with exotic palms
The Asklepion The most important monument on the island.

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates
where the Father of medicine taught

A day cruise to Turkey should not be missed!

Why Kos  
The birthplace of Hippocrates

  4000 years of history
  Tropical island beauty with green fields, olive groves and sandy beaches.
The C15 Castle of the Knights of St John and The Plane Tree of Hippocrates where the Father of medicine taught
  Combination of archaeology and modern facilities
Famous for its watersport activities, Scuba diving, Yachting



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